Sunday 7 February 2016

2016 Hot Chocolate Festival | Diva at the Met

Hey Hey Dolls!

I want to start off with a warning: THIS IS SCALDING HOT! 

The Citrus Zensation is honestly served scalding hot to you so refrain from taking a giant gulp the moment they set it down on your table. Yes, I indeed did burn my tongue. Yes, I took a sip a moment later and again burned my tongue... haha

Okay, now backing up a little in this story all the way to the very beginning. I do not know if I just happened to have a very grumpy bar tender (if you are seated in the lounge, the bar tender serves you), but he assembled the hot chocolate prior to bringing it to the table. And let me just say... the gorgeous decorations at the top, sunk faster then the titanic. That thing plummeted to the bottom and I literally only snapped these two pictures :( So I actually did not even get to admire all the hard work put in by the pastry chefs in creating the ornate white chocolate topper. I cannot even tell you what the powder is at the top and I think there was a freeze dried raspberry?? 

Anyways, just wish they placed the decoration onto the hot chocolate at your table. But at least I was able to capture the glorious sinking. 

Onto the flavour! As its name states, this is a citrus infused hot chocolatey goodness :) I am a huge citrus lover - at any given moment, I will have a carton of Tropicana Orange Juice and an unopened backup carton ready - so this hot chocolate was made for me. Perhaps that is why I could not contain myself and needed to take a sip the instant it arrived. It is bold and the raspberry citrus flavours really complimented the silky smooth dark chocolate. And I also suggest taking a spoon to scoop out the milk chocolate that settled at the bottom, because it tastes amazing melted with the hot chocolate. 

The Citrus Zensation is served with a pistachio financier. Personally, the pistachio flavour was quite overwhelming and did not compliment the citrus flavours of the hot chocolate. As well, it was very very very pistachio. Perhaps a spongey lemon loaf would have been more appropriate. 

As I have been doing with all my hot chocolates from this year's festival. I am rating them from 1 being meh to 5 being amazing in four different categories. 

Chocolatiness - 4 the citrus was stronger
Flavour - 4 
Visual - 4 --- I did not get to admire the decorations
Accompaniment - 2 it was a little out of place the pistachio

Overall, a very well done hot chocolate. It warmed me up from head to toe leaving a warm fuzzy feeling hehe. 

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