Tuesday 16 February 2016

Geek Latte | BINGO with my Bestie


I wish I had this completed in time for Valentine's day but I did not. That is okay, because I still want to share it with all of you! Sometimes, watching tv, mindlessly staring at your phone and computer just gets really boring. And unfortunately, we tend to do those two activities when we are with our friends. 

My bestie and I have gotten tired of just well doing nothing. I miss when we used to be young and run around the neighbourhood. We did not sit in front of the tv when we could be outside playing in the park. So I decided to come up with a fun activity that gets us out of the house, off our electronics and just have FUNNNN!!!!

This is not an ordinary BINGO! We are not talking about random pairings of letters of numbers being called out by a bored volunteer. Nope, I am talking about an adventure filled Bingo! In order to cross off a square, you have to complete the activity. The rules are, you cannot copy the other and nor can you sabotage them part way through the task because that is just cheating. But hey, we are playing with our bestie, so I am going to be cheating for sure hehe

Download the PTL Bingo Cards to print out for your own adventures hehe:

Pinktealatte Bingo Card 1

Pinktealatte Bingo Card 2

Here are some of the tasks or phrases listed in the squares: Belt out a song impromptu in public or strike a pose with a statue or make fangs using anything or spot someone taking a selfie! 

Since we are going to be completing the BINGO during our daily adventures, we suspect we will not finish it in one day, so we lamented our Bingo cards - plus it rains a lot in Vancouver gah. Also, we got PUFFY STICKERS to mark off our completed squares yay!

At the end of the day, the goal is FUN! I hope you and your bestie or boyfriend or girlfriend think this Bingo sounds cool. 

In fact ----> I CHALLENGE YOU TO BINGO! I want to see you and your bestie around town completing the Bingo Cards and post a picture to Instagram with the hashtag: #PTLBingoChallenge 

So get outside and go have FUN!!!! Okay, I think you get the idea, I just want people to have fun! hehe

I look forward to seeing all your instagram posts!


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