Saturday 21 November 2015

Boutique Bliss | Cross Designs 12 Year Anniversary!!!!

Hey Dolls! 

most of you probably are familiar with the gorgeous Cross Designs in Yaletown - if not, you are deeply missing out on gorgeous home decor! On Thursday, Cross Designs celebrated its 12 year anniversary by hosting a store wide 20% off sale! It included everything from little knick knacks to custom furniture! Holy MOLY! 

In true Cross Designs style, I was greeted by a canopy of white fresh cut flowers. It made you feel like you were stepping into  fairy tale! They absolutely set the tone for the festivities inside right from the first step you took. The canopy of flowers filled the air with the scent of sweet freshness. And it was framed by flowing white chiffon, could I please have this as the canopy to my bed? Imagine waking up to fresh white flowers on the ceiling and taking and the room filled with freshness. 

The 20% discount on all items was amazing; however, many of their goodies are not cheap. I did need to pace myself and make sure I did not grab everything in sight! Since the holidays are approaching quick, it was the perfect opportunity to get some beautiful ornaments. I did need to be a little picky since many of their ornaments were ranging in the 20 to almost 40 dollar range each. YIKES! But that is okay because I found a couple that were as equally cute and did not hurt the wallet. haha 

I am in love with my snow igloo! I love the way the blue shimmers and the bed of glittery snow! As well my baby polar bear to match. Since I am a sweets girl, I just had to get the icy pink cupcake because I just had to okay! And being the savvy student that I am, I picked out the snowy white card holder which simply can have a ribbon strung through to use as an ornament. 

I really wish I had more time to look around, but I had two other events to attend that same night. The Cross was packed with guests and shoppers so I felt like a ninja trying to shop and snap pictures as quick as possible!

Thank you for sharing your 12th anniversary with us Cross! As well for making me feel like a princess entering the enchanted forest hehe! 

They have this giant Ice Cream Cone Marcquee light for sale. Not related, but I always love looking up at it every time I am popping into the Cross. Decor Goals: Giant Ice Cream Marquee Light for Bedroom!

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