Monday 9 November 2015

Gurly's Life | Capilano Suspension Bridge Adventures

Hey Dolls!

Living in the Lower Mainland gives you access to so many fabulous outdoor activities. We live on the beautiful west coast of Canada and we should take advantage of all the gorgeous outdoors. 

Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver is a hot tourist spot, but that does not mean us locals should shy away from it. Being a BC resident allows us to have a an annual pass for the cost of one entrance ticket. And being a student, my entrance ticket was only $31! 

I ventured out with a friend early morning to explore the North Vancouver Mountainside. It was a very chilly morning so I made sure to wear a toque, scarf and gloves. Plus my cozy knit socks!!! It was my goal to be at the bridge before it got busy with other visitors, so I caught the first shuttle, 9AM. Oh yah, there is a free shuttle that runs every half hour from Canada Place! Yup, it does not get any easier to get to bridge. Just take the skytrain to Waterfront and board the shuttle. The shuttle ride is a mere 20mins. I highly suggest taking the shuttle so you do not have to worry about parking and wasting gas in traffic. 

Ah it was so worth it getting to the bridge early!!! It was so serene being there early morning. I could here the birds chirping, there was a light haze, and a cool breeze brushing my face. Just absolutely stunningly peaceful. Plus, it is really cool to walk across the bridge when it is empty. Plus, I could shake the bridge as much as I liked without scaring others on the bridge. 

When I was there, they were in the midst of setting up the Christmas Lights Season. Only a few lights were up, but it made the experience a little more magical. I just do not know how to express it in words, you need to visit it yourself. 

We did the Tree Tops Adventure walk and when we exited, we ran into a little chipmunk friend. It was SOOOOO CUTE! Ah I wanted to scoop it up in my hands and snuggle it! The chipmunk had an adorable furry tail and even got super close to us. 

All in all, we finished up our adventure in about two hours. If you plan on going out to the bridge, I highly suggest going there in the morning. It is far more beautiful and you really get to take it all in without a million other tourists bumping into you and being loud. Plus, it is honestly so much cooler feeling like you are the only one there and you kind of get to be one with nature. 

Let me know if you have ever been there and if you loved it as much as I did!


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