Tuesday 24 November 2015

Edible Obsessions | Rain City Juicery

1. All Greens  2.Ginger Beer 3. New West Sunshine 4. Pinks
Hey Dolls! 

If you have checked out my Smart List for Yellow Pages Vancouver, you would have seen I listed Rain City Juicery as one of my picks for Cold Pressed Juice. It is located in historic New Westminster, tucked away in a corner under the parkade, so you will need to hunt for it! But I promise you, the search is well worth it!

Unlike most cold pressed juice bars, Rain City Juicery has made a cozy atmosphere that feels like you are in a cabin in the woods. Vastly different from the bright sterile hipster vibes of most juice bars. 

I was elated that Rain City Juicery read our minds and gave us the JUICE FLIGHT! It is hard to know which juice flavour combinations you are going to like. Unlike ice cream parlours, you cannot have little samplers before choosing the flavour you like. 

In each flight, you get a total of 4 cold pressed juices 4oz each. You can choose any four from their list of cold pressed juices. I got the All Greens, Ginger Beer, New West Sunshine and the Pinks. 

My favourite was probably the New West Sunshine! If you get it in a full size bottle, the pour the juices create an ombre effect, changing from yellow to bright red. It was a combination of orange, carrot and beet. 

Ginger Beer - let me start off by saying it is like BAM. Expect the unexpected with this one! They actually add carbonated water to this juice and the bubbles almost make the ginger almost spicier to your taste buds. I think the carbonation just really threw me off because it was unexpected. The Ginger Beer is a combination of lemon, ginger, filtered water and sugar cane. 

The green one, you guessed it is the All Greens. A refreshing combination of celery, ginger, kale, apple, spinach and lemon. Not my favourite. I am definitely a person who enjoys more sweeter flavours. This was a predominate celery flavour. 

The bright magenta hued one is the Pinks! A lovely combination of grapefruit, lime, beet and mint. Just be sure to avoid the Pinks if you are on blood pressure medication as it can be hindered by grapefruit. 

I also think Rain City Juicery is the first and only place that does growlers for their cold pressed juices! Move aside craft beer!!! Haha I think it is a fun way to encompass Vancouver's extensive craft beer culture. 

I definitely suggest checking RainCity Juicery out and giving their juice flight a try. And if you are a smoothie kinda person, they have lots of yummy combos to choose from!


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