Sunday 22 November 2015

Edible Obsessions | Sunday Bruch at The Acorn!

Hey Dolls!

Brunch is by far my favourite meal ever. It is a mix between sweet and savoury and is just the perfect combination between comfort food and healthy food. Brunch is just a magical moment of the day! 

This week, I had brunch at the much raved vegetarian/vegan restaurant The Acorn. Located along the shopping district on Main St, this little restaurant is a a gastronomical dream waiting to be discovered. This vegetarian forward restaurant prides itself in using the freshest ingredients cultivated right here in BC. Each morning, farmers bring them fresh vegetables, roots, and fungi which the chefs turn into exquisite dishes that allow the vegetables to shine. 

A lot of the times, I have a problem with vegan food. There are far too many restaurants that claim to be vegan; however, work to imitate meat dishes. Such as 'vegan sausage' or 'vegan steak' and I have even had 'vegan quiche'..... It is almost as if they are trying to lure in non-vegan customers with the promise of vegan meat dishes. That is where things start to become a little grey for me. What is in this so called "vegan sausage" that gives it this meat like texture and flavour? Honestly, I feel as though are only deterring customers because when they put in a million and one ingredients into this vegan sausage, kind of makes it sound even more unhealthy then a regular old pork sausage that just contains pork. I like to know and be able to tell what is in my food! 

I was so happy to see that The Acorn does their food real and not work to mimic popular meat dishes. And oh my gawd, was the brunch AMAZING! 

Acorn started our table with complimentary bread and butter. The butter was real butter and it was flavoured with tomato and herbs. It was tangy and aromatic and just delicious with the soft bread! There was an option for gluten free vegan bread, but my friends and I did not have any dietary restrictions. Do not worry, they gave us more butter because we kind of just eat the butter with bread versus bread with some butter.  

It was tough choosing what I wanted for brunch because everything sounded so amazing. It is also funny how I had such a hard time choosing from a list of only 7. Imagine how indecisive I am when I am at one of those restaurants with a million and one options! I decided to go with the Fried Egg [fried poached egg, smoked peppered sauce, corn bread, sautéed dandelion greens] and a side of baked beans because why not! This was my first time having a Fried Poached Egg! I honestly was more excited about the fried poached egg  then anything else ahah. But does it not sound super cool?! I think The Acorn is probably the only restaurant that does this preparation of egg in Vancouver. 

I thought the egg would be runny; however, it would have to be hard poached if you want to then batter and fry the egg. Regardless, this poached egg was perfection! Just look at my artistic cut in half egg picture! haha The crunch from the fried panco was an excellent juxtaposition to the soft creamy egg yolk. And overall this dish was just AMAZING. I loved the corn bread to the bitter greens and the spicy peppered sauce. Honestly, you need to go try this ASAP. I swear it is amazing. Plus the baked beans too haha 

My friend had the Artichoke [ southern fried artichoke, house waffles, pickled shallots, bourbon maple syrup, mushroom red-eye gravy] plus he added a fried poached egg because the curiosity! The southern fried artichoke was really amazing and had a great crunch plus that bourbon maple syrup like YUM. The waffles though, they were sort of soggy and just did not bring much to the overall dish. I loved the plating! 

You know vegetarian restaurant succeeded when they have a carnivore wanting to return soon for another meal! The Acorn is a fabulous restaurant and you must check it out! The service was fabulous, but be warned, the restaurant is tiny and there can be long lines. As well, no reservations unless it is a big party. 

Have you been to The Acorn before and think I should try any other restaurants? Let me know in the comments below! 


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