Tuesday 10 November 2015

Chic Finds | Prezzie from Thistle & Oak

Heyhey Dolls!

Charlotte, the fabulous women behind Thistle & Oak had held an instagram contest in mid October. To my surprise, I won the contest and received a one of a kind painting by Charlotte. It was an acrylic painting of my zodiac sign, Scorpio. Winning the contest was almost like an early birthday present for me :) 

Not only did I get that gorgeous painting from Charlotte, I also got to meet up and chat with her over Starbucks Lattes. Firstly, I want to say the pregnancy glow is real because Charlotte looked absolutely radiantly! Not only did she have great skin - jellliees - she had some pretty rad tattoos. Her forearm tattoo of a chair by her favourite designer, Charles Eames, is intricately detailed, but also feminine which complemented her petite figure. My future tattoo aspirations!!!

This cool mama to be started Thistle & Oak last winter, December 2014. It was actually due to her boyfriend nagging her to post pictures of the pinterest worthy wrapping job she had done for Christmas gifts. Once she started blogging, her passion grew! 

Since I have spent so much time working on rebranding Pink Tea Latte, I needed to know why Charlotte named her blog Thistle & Oak. It is such a unique name, so it must have a meaning behind it. Oak in Finnish is Tammi, which is her family's name and heritage. She decided to combine it with her favourite flower, the edgy wild purple Thistle to match her personality. 

Charlotte expresses herself through her artwork. She loves all types of painting and using a mixture of medias to create varying textures and depth in her pieces. Currently, her artwork is available through her Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ShopThistleAndOak

As an artist herself, Charlotte respects the passion and work of all artisans. She shares various artists and makers with her readers through Thistle & Oak. I thought it was really cool how she has worked with and interviewed artisans from across the globe! SO COOL! 

This winter, December 2015, Charlotte is launching the first ever Thistle & Oak Monthly Gift Box. I love that this box is going to be featuring pieces by local and artisans & small businesses across North America. 

It makes me really excited to see I am not alone in wanting to make Local the new Loubiton. Hehe Wishing this soon to be mama all the best with her new venture as well as the arrival of her baby soon! 


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