Sunday 1 November 2015

Gurly's Life | November Goals + October Reflection 2015

Hey Dolls

I did not get a chance to write up my October goals since I was just far too busy to even sit down and think about them.

Instead, I am going to reflect on all the positives that came from Ocobter 2015 :) 

- I got offered a fabulous position to be a smart list contributor for YP
- My first set of business cards printed
- I turned 22 and planned and executed my first solo photoshoot
- So many friends and family love and reconnecting with old friends
- I blogged tonnes!
- I reached 500 Instagram followers! (well it seems to fluctuate by the hour?!) 
- Also reached my 100th Blogpost WOWWW! 

November Goals:
- 15 blogposts
- Return to the gym and make it regular
- Put aside the negatives from birthday weekend and focus on the positives to come
- Find an awesome part time job
- Excel in my courses at UBC
- Eat healthier - three meals a day
- Put aside time for relaxing every week because I burnt myself out this October

I wanna hear what goals you have set for November in the comments below :) 


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