Sunday 15 November 2015

Edible Obsessions | Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Yup, that is the almond croissant in my hand. Beaucoup Bakery has the cutest sign! 
Hey Dolls! 

I finally got to visit Beacoup Bakery and it was well worth the wait! This adorable rustic chic bakery is nestled across a park by the South Granville area in Vancouver. It is almost like a well kept secret just behind the main road! Regardless of its out of sight location, it remained constantly busy during my visit and I can tell you why! 

Their house made pastries are so darn amazing. The croissants have got to by hands down the flakiest croissants I have ever had. There is no way to eat the flakey pastry without leaving a flakey mess behind you hehe. Plus, they contained a fabulous amount of butter. My favourite one was the almond croissant, wish I had grabbed some to take home, but they probably would not have made the trip home.  

Clockwise from Top Left: Chai Tea Latte, Almond Croissant, Hot Cocoa, Apple Tart!
Beaucoup again such a cute card! 
But the real winner for me was was Beaucoup's Apple Tart! Made with slow-cooked apples and creamy heavenly vanilla bean cream, each bite of this two-tired tart leaves you wanting more. Plus how cute is the tart itself... it was topped with gold leaf! I am a sucker for yellow gold. 

With my yummy treats, I had a Chai Tea Latte and no surprise that it too was made to perfection. The perfect ratio of spices and sweetness with its creamy texture. I think it will be my go to drink from Beaucoup Bakery. I wish the bakery itself was a little bigger with more sitting room as I would love to spend some mornings or evenings sitting there munching on an almond croissant and sipping my Chai Tea Latte as I studied away. Hoping they are able to expand the bakery in the future. 

Apple Tart garnished with gold leaf = perfection!
I hope to return to Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe soon to try more of their delicious offerings. As well, I am going to need the Apple Tart again... and a giant box of almond croissants hehe. 


I wish I grabbed this maple syrup haha the packaging is too cute! Wax sealed wow! 

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