Sunday 29 November 2015

Chic Life | Fall Outfit Comfort yet Chic

Hey Dolls!

I have been seeing so many Vancouverites dressing chic, but still really cozy in the dreadful rain and cold. It has inspired me to put together a look that will keep your relaxed and cozy, but looking on pointe!

Distressed boyfriend jeans are definitely much more relaxed compared to skinny jeans. If you are anything like me, you get skinny jeans that are practically glued to your legs. I cannot even squat in mine without feeling the pain from how tight they are...probably not the best for my leg circulation. Ah the pain of fashion!

Going in the theme of boyfriends, a pair of Vans low-top classic sneakers. They are perforated leather and rubber sole - good for the wet Vancouver - and are unexpectedly chic! I have actually been seeing a lot of fashionistas rocking a pair of these. These pair of Vans are unisexual that is why I said continuing with boyfriends! Hehe, but I would never ever share a pair of shoes with any boy as they tend to have really stinky feet and when they take off their shoes, I practically faint from the toxic fumes that are emitted from their shoes. 

Any fun graphic tee is great for this look. I think a black and white one with a little bit of embellishment might just do the trick. Loose fitting will give you more comfort. TIP - wear a tight cami of a similar colour [ I would choose white with this T ] to give yourself some extra warmth! 

Because it is cold out, you will not be able to get away with just a T. To keep with the comfortable cozy, a long - like we are talking below the knees so you can practically just swaddle yourself in it! - cardigan is not only going to keep you warm, but you will look tres chic versus just throwing on a hoody! 

Lastly, since I have extremely sensitive ears that tend to ache and the pain is sometimes unbearable for me :( This is why you will rarely catch me without a toque or beanie during the colder months. A relaxed fit cable knit beanie is trendy and give you a bit of an edge! But because a huge pompom lover, my toques and beanies need to have a fluffy pompom! 

This outfit can virtually be put together with your current items in your closet since it is combination of basics! YAY! I love when you can achieve a great look without needing to invest in a huge number of new items! 


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