Saturday 14 November 2015

Gurly's Life | Once Upon A Time, Exploring StoryBrooke


Hello Dolls!

okay, if you do not watch Once Upon a Time, I am unsure what you are doing with your life... but to be fair, I only discovered the show on Netflix a few weeks back; however, I am all caught up now! I knew the show is filmed in my home city, Richmond BC, but I never have been one to stalk celebrities. Perhaps it was fate because when I went to Steveston Village a few weeks back, the area had been transformed into StoryBrooke! 

Nothing was being filmed that day,they were just working on finishing up the set for next days shooting. But regardless, it was pretty cool to walk down the street and see all the store fronts and signs being changed into StoryBrooke. 

The coolest part was seeing the clock tower. Looks like it becomes a casualty during a magical fight because it crashed into intersection. Super cool seeing it up close! It was huge!!! Yes, I was very cool and took selfies with everything, but you would too! Just because I am not a crazy stalker does not mean I do not get excited when I stumble across a TV set! 

Also, Emma's little yellow bug gets scorched to a crisp :( . I hope it was Lilliath's fire breath! 

Did you know, Vancouver is the third city in North America that is most utilized for filming of movies and tv shows!!! How cool is that? However, it is really irritating since when ever they film at UBC Campus, the students have to take these annoying detours to get to their next class. I only have ten minutes to get to my next class goddamnit!   

I took these pictures on my laptop as the sun was setting. The quality is not the best, but hey, they give you the gist of it all! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Also, if anyone ever does wanna go with me to check out StoryBrooke the next time it is in town, give me a shout! It could be a fun adventure --- Okay, now I do want to stalk the cast of Once Upon a Time! 

More pictures of the storefronts below.


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